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Large crowds gathered at the Gateway of India in Mumbai

Dive into historical sites in Mumbai in and around Madh Island. Discover the significance of these iconic sites and plan your perfect stay at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre for an immersive experience.

A large crowd watching ravana burn during the festival of Dusshera

Discover the upcoming festivals in Mumbai and immerse yourself in the cultural vibrancy of the city. Plan your stay at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre for a memorable experience amidst luxurious comfort.

A hanging bridge connecting two lands separated by an ocean with blue sky in the background

Navigating the city's labyrinthine roads can be a nightmare, especially for tourists unfamiliar with the layout. A new project is on the horizon - the Madh Island-Versova Bridge to address this growing concern.

a beautiful tropical beach sea with coconut palm trees

Mumbai being a vibrant bustling city in India also offers an escape to tranquility. There are numerous islands one can choose to vacation in when in Mumbai, each location comes with its own charm and unique experience.

coconut palms surrounding The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre Madh Island Mumbai

Discover the ultimate beachfront escape at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, the best beach resort in Madh Island. Dive into luxury, explore nearby attractions and experience paradise on the serene coastline.


Hey there, adventure-seekers! Get all set for an incredible weekend staycation in Madh that promises a delightful blend of seafood indulgence, exploring ancient architecture and soaking in the fun of beach parties.

a person leaning out of a car window

Looking for a refreshing weekend escape from Pune to Mumbai? Join us on a delightful journey to explore the serene Erangal village and Beach, uncover the historical charm of Madh Church, and seek blessings at the revered Killershwar Mahadev Temple.

a beach in Mumbai with a ship sailing in between

Madh Island offers a luxurious getaway - explore enchanting places, relax by the beach, discover historical landmarks like Madh Fort, or go to popular temples.

a beach in Mumbai with a ship sailing in between

From the popular and crowded beaches to the hidden gems, Mumbai has something to offer for everyone. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the best beaches to visit in Mumbai.

sunset at a beach

Among several places, Madh Island stands out as an ideal spot for a family outing in Mumbai. With its pristine beaches, lush greenery, and a range of activities, Madh Island provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

coconut palms surrounding The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre Madh Island Mumbai

Are you celebrating New Year's in Mumbai? Let us guide you to the best and the most unique parties in the city or stay at our Hotel and enjoy the in-house party!

Mumbai coastline with a view of the worli bandra sealink

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is filled with tourist attractions, and has a lot to offer visitors year-round. The arrival of the monsoon, however, adds a certain charm to the city. From walking on the beach to having a day out at the national park, here are the best things to do in Mumbai in monsoon.

Biryani at food festivals in Mumbai

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is known for its mouth-watering dishes. Each year, the city hosts food festivals that allure food enthusiasts, chefs, restaurateurs and F&B executives. Visit some of the best food events in Mumbai now!

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai

Here is a list of things we think you absolutely must not miss out on if you're visiting Mumbai for the first time.

Madh Fort - a tourist attraction near our hotel in Mumbai

Visit the famous Madh Fort in 10 mins from one of the best resorts in Malad - The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island, Mumbai. Book our Malad Resort today!

St. Bonaventure Mumbai

Explore the wonders of Madh island when you stay at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre

sunset at a beach

Explore life in Madh islands when you stay at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, the best resort near Mumbai

wedding mandap 2

Celebrate weddings at the beautiful venues at our resort in Madh Island and get a picture perfect wedding!

sun setting

Madh Island is a popular destination for people who want to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a pristine destination filled with sunshine, sea breeze and freshly caught seafood.

poolside dining at our hotel in Madh Island

Escape to The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, located at one of the most romantic destinations near Mumbai for an unforgettable experience.

Mumbai's Marine Drive

The City of Dreams, Mumbai is known for its popular tourist spots like Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, and Bandra - Worli Sea Link, among others. On your next trip to Mumbai, visit some of the hidden treasures that beautify the city and give a more elaborate insight into its history!

gateway of India and Taj Hotel

Are you a Bollywood fan who is planning a visit to Mumbai to see where your favorite movies were produced and screened? If you said yes, this list is for you.

The Best places for Wedding Shopping in Mumbai, Hotel in Madh island 2

Shopping in Mumbai offers a mix of things - from high-end designer stores to fabric shops, tailors, and even budget-friendly outfit options. Our list of markets for wedding shopping in Mumbai covers it all!

couple embracing with the ocean in the backdrop

Mumbai is filled with locations where you can pose with your loved ones, capture that ideal moment, and frame it forever! Take your pick from this list of the best pre-wedding photoshoot places in Mumbai.

Fireworks above the city

There are great expectations and several plans to be made as the festival of lights and cheer approaches. Shopping for Diwali in Mumbai is all about finding the best products at the best prices.