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Life In Madh Islands - Learn About The Local People In Madh

The city of Mumbai is one of the most important port cities in India and is associated with the three F’s - Films, Finance and Fisheries. Mumbai has always been a group of islands that constitute to one of the most important fishing communities in Maharashtra. With close proximity to the Arabian Sea and Mumbai being a stone’s throw away, Madh Island has recently gained popularity with a small but relatively significant role in terms of fishing and fish markets.

Places to See in Mumbai

Madh island is quite a famous name thanks to the Bollywood film industry as many of the local attractions like Madh Fort have been filmed and shown in many famous Indian movies. Most of the tourists who come to visit Mumbai visit Madh by ferry or by road. While tourism is one of the primary constituents for local income, the beaches of Madh like Erangal, Madh and Aksa are a favourite for tourists who come to visit Mumbai. The serenity of the beaches and the cleanliness also attracts foreign tourists who frequent the places to see in Mumbai.

sunset at a beach
boats on a beach in Mumbai

The beaches in Madh being in such close proximity to Mumbai attracts a lot of tourists as one would want respite from the bustling Juhu beach and the busy Versova beach. One can find so many stalls serving exquisite fish-based delicacies and exclusive and even dried-fish in case someone wishes to purchase them. The vendors at the beaches here are much more lenient than their Mumbai counterparts and will even give you a discount if you are able to negotiate properly. The local fishing communities are also nearby and many tourists visit them to explore and understand the locals better.

trees on a beach
a shelter on a beach

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