Places to visit in Madh Island | Things to do in Madh Island

A Retreat in Madh

Madh Island is a popular destination for people who want to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a pristine destination filled with sunshine, sea breeze and freshly caught seafood. It is a quaint destination that is located about 30 kilometres from Mumbai.

An assortment of Portuguese structures dating back to the 16th century are present on this island. There are also a number of small villages that offer a glimpse into a life of fishing and farming. Thick palm mangroves are present on the Madh Island beaches and you can find many famous DJs playing an assortment of tunes for the grooving crowd. At the end of the day, you can choose to stay at a small beachside shack or at a luxurious 5-star hotel as per your needs.

In recent times, Madh Island has doubled up as a popular shooting destination and a number of filmmakers and photographers use the natural backdrop of this island for their movies and photos.

Things to do in Madh Island


Visit the Madh Fort
The Madh Fort is a 17th-century fort that is located on Madh Island. Its strategic positioning gives it a perfect view of the coastline and the Marve Creek. This fort served as a military fortification during the Portuguese colonial era. Today, this structure is under the control of the Indian Air Force and you will need an official permit to enter its premises. This fort is located about 3 kilometres from our hotel and can be reached in about 10 minutes.

Groove to the tunes at Madh Island Beaches
A number of Indian and international DJs frequent the Madh Island beaches and you can groove to the many tunes that they churn out during their visit. Partying on the beach with your friends and family is one of the best things to do in Madh Island.

Mall Hopping
Many prominent malls such as the Infiniti Mall, the Inorbit Mall and the Oberoi Mall are present on the Madh Island. Go on a splendid shopping spree during your visit to Madh Island. These malls are among the best places to visit in Madh Island and accommodate a number of fine dining restaurants where you can delve into a melange of flavours.

Erangal Village Trip
Erangal Village is a quaint farming and fishing village located on Madh Island. You can get a glimpse of how the locals live their life while visiting this village. The locals can also give you a first hand account of the history of the village and if you are lucky they might even invite you to enjoy a lip-smacking seafood meal within their home. This village is located about 1 kilometre from our hotel and can be reached in 5 minutes.

Streetside Shopping
There are many streetside stores that sell a variety of artwork, sculptures and souvenirs that will be perfect gifts for friends and family. Buy a few souvenirs that reminisce your time on this wonderful island.