Quaint Places to Relax in Madh Island

The Madh Islands are a famous group of fishing villages in Mumbai. This scenic place offers a change from the usual busy life of Mumbai. For those seeking a retreat at the seaside, The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island, is a great option. With quality services and star hospitality, the hotel is a perfect destination for some time away from everyday life. During your stay, you could explore the quaint villages of Madh Islands which have a lot to offer.

street food stalls at Versova Beach Mumbai

Versova Beach

The Versova Beach is home for the Kolls, the largest fishing community of Mumbai. It provides a mesmerizing view of the fishers at their work from far. The beach is separated from the Juhu Beach by a creek. It provides the perfect atmosphere to unwind with the salty fresh air and blue waves. The Versova Beach is just 18.7 kilometres away from The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island, Mumbai.


Madh Fort - a tourist attraction near our hotel in Mumbai

Madh Fort

Madh Fort is also known as the Versova Fort. This magnificent structure gives a glorious view of Gorai, Worli and Mumbai Beach Skyline. This fort was initially built by the Portuguese and was utilized as a watchtower but now is used by the Indian Military to train the military cadets. This quaint fort is situated only 2.8 kilometres away from The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island, Mumbai.


Aksa beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach holds the reputation of being one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai. Situated in the Aksa village of Malad, this beach is a popular spot for families to spend some quality time together. The beach also has a line up of food stalls which serve some of the best dishes of Mumbai. Enjoy a picnic with your loved ones on the shore of Aksa Beach!


St. Bonaventure Mumbai

Church of St.Bonaventure

This fascinating church was built by the Portuguese in about 16th century. Standing grandly in the Beach of Erangal, St. Bonaventure is particularly known for the ‘Erangal Fair’, which is held annually on January 2nd. Visit this marvellous structure to get a breathtaking view of the sun and its golden rays blending with the blue beach.