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Celebrating New Year in Mumbai

An occasion everyone waits for, the moment it passes, is the arrival of the new year and the celebrations that come with it, the cool winter breeze, a sweet symphony of music, mind-blowing cocktails, and lots of dancing. This much-awaited occasion demands celebrations that exceed all expectations, and what better to plan for than a new year party in Mumbai with stay. Mumbai is a special place for New Year celebrations. The city, bustling with high party fever throughout the year, offers the best it can on the last day of the year. For revellers who like to dance all night, or those looking for a quaint dinner with family and friends, Mumbai is the ideal destination.

The Retreat, Mumbai presents an exuberant event that is sure to bombard you with all the party fever and facilities you are seeking. Want to be part of a new year party in resorts near Mumbai? The prestigious event hosted at our hotel, ‘NYE Bash @ The Retreat’, is a vibrant celebration owing to the arrival of the new year, with lots of music, dance, and lip-smacking food. Let our DJ make you groove to the beats as you sip on delicious beverages prepared by our expert bartenders and savour the delectable buffet spread prepared by our talented chefs.

We know you are curious to know what’s on the menu at NYE Bash @ The Retreat, Mumbai. Our delightful menu on New Year’s Eve is a combination of all the good things. From appetisers to desserts, beverages to main courses, the NYE menu is loaded with delicacies. Begin the celebrations with your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ranging from refreshing juices to your treasured whisky. Sip on soups for those who enjoy a warm dish, vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices in snacks and main courses. Enjoy an assortment of desserts covering Indian sweets, pâtisserie items, and ice creams. Our expert chefs promise to sway your palate and leave them craving more!

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Madh Island is a special place to be on New Year’s eve. Start your day with a visit to Madh Fort. Delve into a historic experience and gorgeous architecture. Constructed by the Portuguese, the fort used to be a watchtower. The churches on Madh Island offer a similar experience. After a touristy start to the day, unwind at the beach by trying your hand at sandcastles and beach sports, and let the sea amaze you. Seafood enthusiasts can munch on dried fish prepared locally by drying and salting fish. Spend your New Year’s eve relaxing with your loved ones and soaking in Madh Island’s serene beauty.

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The Best New Year Events in Mumbai

For those looking to explore Mumbai’s nightlife, get ready to be amazed! There are a plethora of events that take place in the city on New Year’s Eve. If you are looking for the best New Year events, Mumbai would be the first name that pops up. Popular among Mumbaikars is an event by Tryst, a much-awaited event in the city to enjoy swaying to the music. When it comes to parties in Mumbai, the list goes on. A quirky New Year event at The Little Door has an interesting twist, a pyjama party with the dress code being night suits and robes! The night is celebrated with pillow fights, lots of drinks, and lots of dance.

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When you're in Mumbai to attend the New Year parties, The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island is the perfect place for your sojourn! The comfortable accommodations will help you relax after the celebrations.