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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Mumbai

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Mumbai has many locations where you can pose with your loved ones, capture the ideal moment and frame it forever! Take your pick from this list of the best pre-wedding photoshoot places in Mumbai.

Mumbai is dotted with diverse geographical landscapes from tiny mountains, sandy beaches and lush green cities to miniature forests, vast and extravagant man-made plains, grounds, stadiums and some prestigious historic places. Visit some of the city's most iconic picturesque locations, away from the hustle and bustle of this major metro city for perfect pictures.

Top Five Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Mumbai

Vasai Fort: Romance Amidst Ruins

Vasai Fort is a terrific place for couples who would appreciate ruins in the backdrop. It is also where the video for Coldplay's well-known song - Hymn for the Weekend, was filmed. It is one of the best backdrops for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Mumbai, so make damn sure your clothing contrasts with the brown tones of the fort's walls. Vasai Beach is nearby aswell, so you can take some beach photos as well.

Mumbai's Own Creative District: Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda lends a creative background to your photos, because it is home to numerous art events, the largest of which is the Kala Ghoda Festival. Additionally, it is a vintage hotspot with a stunning appearance. At Kala Ghoda, the early mornings and the red-orange evenings, both work well for photo shoots.

Horniman Circle: A Fusion of the Modern & the Contemporary

The yearly Sufi music event - Ruhaniyat and Kala Ghoda Carnival are just a couple of the events that take place at Horniman Circle, which is a historically-significant destination. This garden is equally beautiful to view and take pictures at. It creates the ideal atmosphere for a super romantic and joyful photo shoot for you and your better half, as you both take in the stunning natural surroundings of this miniature paradise.

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The Hanging Garden

Situated in the posh area of Malabar Hills, the ever-blooming Hanging Gardens is a famous romantic setting where couples hold photoshoots before their big day. It must definitely be taken into consideration if you're seeking pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Mumbai. It is one of the prettiest spots for pre-wedding shoots, where plant sculptures lend a touch of drama to your frames. Additionally, there are spots where one can capture the city’s skyline in the morning and the famous queen’s necklace in the evening. Don't forget to take a couple of pictures of the neighbouring Nepean Sea Road. Here, the early mornings and late evenings are extremely picturesque.

Museum of Dr. Bhau Daji Lad

The most prestigious and well-known gallery in Mumbai is Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, which is unquestionably an exceptional location for your pre-wedding shoot. If you love history, culture, antiques and palace structures, then this museum is definitely for you. You'll be mesmerised by its enchanting interior. Make sure to take pictures on the Raichand-supported flight of stairs while wearing wedding attire and a tuxedo!

Chota Kashmir, in Aarey Colony

In Goregaon's Aarey Colony, there is a tiny government-protected forest called Chota Kashmir. You can take pre-wedding photos against a natural setting in Chota Kashmir's garden and lake. One will love the time one spends here because it is a tranquil setting, away from the bustle of the city. Similarly, there is Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali East, which has a larger forest area with small waterfalls, mountain caves and lakes.

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couple embracing with the ocean in the backdrop

Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is considerably less crowded and cleaner than other beaches. Plan your visit right before sunset to enjoy the endless-blue seas and orange-crimson hues! This Mumbai pre-wedding photoshoot location screams romance loud and clear! Water babies will delight in this quiet beach's allure.
Where to stay in Mumbai during your precious pre-wedding shoot? We bring you an answer to that by proving the best location for a stay. Situated on beautiful Madh Island, The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre offers beautiful sites for both outdoor and indoor pre-wedding photo shoots, closer to Marve, Mudh and Erangal beaches. For both photographers and filmmakers, our broad open spaces with the surrounding forests, parks and mountains is a paradise. The ability to change your wardrobe in our rooms, according to the surroundings or the mood is a significant advantage. The obvious yet substantial benefits are:
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This city offers all kinds of locations for pre-wedding shoots! You can choose from beaches and gardens to historical sites.  Check out our blog about wedding shopping in Mumbai for a fully-prepared wedding experience!