Diwali Shopping in Mumbai

There are great expectations and several plans to be made as the festival of lights and cheer approaches. Shopping for Diwali in Mumbai is all about finding the best products at the best prices.

It is time to go shopping

Whether you are going out to visit friends, colleagues and relatives, or expecting them to come over for a meet and greet visit, Diwali calls for the extra-special dress code and updated home décor. After all, Diwali in Mumbai is the most significant holiday of the year, and we all want to celebrate it in style. But for many, the idea of searching for the appropriate items in a metropolis like Mumbai is perplexing. Therefore, we have compiled all the pertinent information regarding Diwali shopping in Mumbai to assist you in decking up both yourself and your space for the impending festival

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Bhuleshwar Market

This market, which was once known as Bholeshwar Market, is located in South Mumbai, to the north of the Mumbai Precinct region. Back in the 1960s, the rich Ambanis used to reside there.

In addition to fruits and veggies, you can buy the best decorative lights, craft supplies, rangoli stencils, and other things to help you celebrate Diwali in style, whether at home or work. Diwali in Mumbai will be incomplete if you miss a visit to the market here.

Crawford Market

Diwali shopping in Mumbai demands a visit to Crawford Market at least once. It is located in South Mumbai, to the north of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and has now been renamed Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandi, although the former name is more widely used.

It is renowned for housing fruits, sweets, veggies, and dry fruits, making it the ideal location to get the boxes of candy you need to give to your loved ones. In addition, the market contains other items including women's clothing and toys for kids.

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Kandil Galli

Four days before the start of Mumbai's 10-day Diwali holiday, this LJ road lane (also known as the ‘Kawli Wadi Street’) between Mahim and Matunga, next to the Citylight Cinema, is prepared with stalls and lantern collections. Ask anyone in the area about Kandil Galli, Mumbai, and they will quickly point you in the direction of this vibrant lantern market in Mumbai. Please be aware that the Hindi words for lane - ‘gully’ and ‘galli’ both mean the same thing. There is another alley nearby named ‘Kadri Wadi’, which is famed for creating lanterns and is solely dedicated to the production of enormous Kandil.

Irla Market

This market, which is in Vile Parle, is charming in its own right. Although it is a small market, you can easily find all of your Diwali essentials here at extremely affordable prices. Because of its location in the western suburbs, it is simple for everyone who lives there to go grocery shopping.

If you want to spend your Diwali in Mumbai, or if you’d just like to visit on a shopping spree, do not forget to check-in at The Retreat Hotel and Convention Centre, Madh Island, Mumbai.

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